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Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week. - Spanish Proverb

“I love being in the Healing Ministerial program. With every class that I attend my eyes and focus are more clear. Every modality layers with each other. Thank you for the kind loving teachers.”



“My experience in the the ministerial program marked the beginning of the rest of my life. At 47 years of age, I had spent most of my life in emotional pain, not knowing how to heal. Through the experiential ministerial program with the guidance of a wise and loving teacher, and in community with fellow seekers who offered a safe place to grow, I found out how beautiful I am… I found Spirit. And now I have the opportunity to share that light, love, and wisdom. No words can express the depth of gratitude and joy I feel for this program, the teachers, the students, and all who make it possible.”

April 2014 

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Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?
Do you have a desire to serve others as a spiritual counselor, practitioner, teacher or minister?
Do you seek inner peace and feel called to deeper understanding of the Divine Presence within?



Welcome to the Center for Inner Awareness. We are a New Thought Metaphysical University providing a personalized study of metaphysics to busy adults with a desire for greater inner awareness. For over a decade, our students have experienced a spiritual awakening to the Divine Self (God) within, while studying the teachings of those who founded the New Thought movement as well as the teachings of Christianity and eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

The four-level curriculum at the Center for Inner Awareness is designed to be a gentle unfolding of the divine magnificence within each student. Awareness of the truth becomes clearer by studying spiritual principles and applying them in one’s daily life. The Center’s classes are kept small to encourage discussion and ensure full understanding of all teachings.

The strong foundational understanding of the loving Nature and Character of God within all creation is the best preparation for your own spiritual unfoldment and for an avocation of spiritual service. Ultimately the individualized spiritual journey and metaphysical academic program prepares our students for their desired level of certification or ordination.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, the loving Divine Presence is waiting to guide you into a life of peace, harmony, creativity, service and all the joy your heart can hold. If this experience calls to you then we encourage you to contact us today.

It is time to let your journey begin!









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